How to Watch Konosuba on Netflix in Canada? [Quick Steps]


Is Konosuba on Netflix? KonoSuba is available to stream on Netflix, but only in a few countries including South Korea, Japan, and Portugal. Here’s how to watch the anime series in Canada. 

Are you struggling to watch Konosuba episodes on Netflix? Unfortunately, because of copyrights, the anime series is only available on the platform in a few countries like Japan.

Don’t worry as in this blog, I am going to show you quick steps on how you can unblock Konosuba on Netflix from your location easily using a VPN.

How to Watch Konosuba on Netflix in Canada [Step-by-Step]

  1. First, download ExpressVPN on your device.
  2. Open the VPN app and sign in.
  3. Connect to a server in Japan.
  4. Now, open the Netflix app, and search for Konosuba.
  5. Start watching!

konosuba on netflix

Why Do You Need a VPN?

Because of international streaming policies, some shows and movies on Netflix are not available in some regions. Therefore, you need a VPN to watch these titles.

Due to Netflix’s geo-blocking feature, Netflix can only release content in regions where it has distribution rights. Because of this, Konosuba is only available on Netflix in a few countries.

But you can easily overcome these geo-blocks using a trustworthy and powerful VPN. I have tested various providers, and ExpressVPN ranks as one of the best VPNs for streaming. 

With ExpressVPN, you can easily watch Konosuba on Netflix in Canada with a few clicks. When you connect to a VPN server in Japan, it gives you access to the Japanese Netflix library where Konosuba and other popular anime are streaming.

Which Netflix regions have all seasons of Konosuba?

In a few Netflix regional libraries, you can only watch season 1 of Konosuba. Here is a list of countries, where both seasons are currently streaming:

  • Japan
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia


The main plot of the anime “KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!” (shortened as Konosuba) revolves around Kazuma Satou, a socially inept teenager who dies in a rather embarrassing manner and is subsequently given a chance to be reborn in a fantasy world.

In this new world, he encounters the goddess Aqua, who offers him the option to take any one thing with him. In an impulsive decision, Kazuma chooses to bring Aqua along with him.

However, the fantasy world is far from the idealized adventure he expected. It’s filled with danger, odd creatures, and a myriad of challenges. Kazuma, Aqua, and eventually a few other quirky companions he acquires along the way, including the explosion-obsessed mage Megumin and the masochistic knight Darkness, must navigate through various comedic misadventures as they take on quests, battle monsters, and try to eke out a living.

The series is known for its humorous and satirical take on the isekai genre, often poking fun at the tropes and conventions of fantasy RPG worlds.

The interactions between the characters and their hilarious interactions, along with their unique quirks and flaws, form the core of the show’s comedic appeal.

Is Konosuba on Netflix FAQs

Can you watch Konosuba on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch Konosuba on Netflix, but only in Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia. If you are in Canada, you can watch it using a VPN.

Did Konosuba get removed from Netflix?

No, Konosuba is still available on Netflix but only in limited regions. You can watch it from anywhere using a VPN.

What streaming site is Konosuba on?

The list of places where you can watch Konosuba online are:

  • Netflix Japan
  • Hulu
  • Crunchyroll
  • ZenPlus


Now you know if you can watch Konosuba on Netflix in Canada. Simply sign up for a VPN service like ExpressVPN, connect to a server in Japan, and enjoy streaming Konosuba and plenty of other anime series on Netflix from your location.

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