Is Tag on Netflix?

is tag on netflix

Is Tag on Netflix? Yes. Tag is available to watch on Netflix. You can watch the movie on Netflix in only one country, Australia. To watch the movie from another location, you can use a VPN. 

Tag is a comedy movie about a group of friends who have been playing the game of Tag for over 30 years now. If you are into bromance comedy movies, this one is a must-watch.

Sadly, if you are searching for the movie on Netflix, you might not be able to find it. Because of geo-restrictions, the movie is currently only available for streaming on Netflix in one country, i.e. Australia.

I will show you an easy trick to unlock the movie from anywhere on Netflix in just a few clicks.

How to Watch Tag on Netflix [Quick Step]

  1. First, download ExpressVPN on your device.
  2. Open the VPN app and sign in.
  3. Connect to a server in Australia.
  4. Now, open the Netflix app, and search for the movie.
  5. Start watching!

Why You Need a VPN to Watch the Movie

Let’s understand why you need to download a VPN to watch Tag on Netflix. Because of international copyright policies, the movie is available on the platform in some countries only. Therefore, you need a VPN to access it.

Netflix has a geo-blocking feature, because of this it can only release content in regions where it has distribution rights. Due to this, the movie is only available on Netflix in Australia.

This is where a VPN comes in. You can easily overcome these geo-blocks using a trustworthy and powerful VPN. I have tested various providers, and ExpressVPN ranks as one of the best VPNs for streaming. 

Using ExpressVPN, you can easily watch the comedy film on Netflix with a few clicks. It allows you to connect to a VPN server in Australia, giving you access to the Australia Netflix library where Tag is currently streaming.

You can also watch plenty of movies on Netflix like Moonlight, Easy A, Hachi, Bumblebee, and more.

Tag (2018)

Tag is a comedy film released in 2018. The movie is based on a true story and revolves around a group of friends who have been playing a high-stakes game of tag for several decades.

The film follows a close-knit group of childhood friends who have been playing the same game of tag for one month every year since they were kids. The twist is that the game they play is no ordinary tag; it’s an extreme and highly competitive version of the game that spans across the entire country.

Each year in May, these friends, who are now adults with their own lives and responsibilities, drop everything to travel cross-country and attempt to tag one another.

The last person tagged by the end of May becomes “It” for the rest of the year. This tradition has persisted for decades and has become a way for friends to stay connected and relive their youth.

However, one member of the group, Jerry, who has never been tagged in all their years of playing, announces that he’s planning to retire from the game after this year. This prompts the rest of the group to come together for one final, epic game to try and tag Jerry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country is Tag available on Netflix?

Based on a true story, Tag movie is about a group of friends who have been playing Tag for 30 years. Currently, you can watch the film on Netflix only in Australia.

Is Tag on any streaming service?

Right now you are able to watch Tag on Netflix. You are also able to stream the movie by renting or purchasing it on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube TV, and Cineplex.

Is Tag based on a true story?

Tag movie is based on a real-life group of friends from Washington, who have been playing a long game of tag every February for over 28 years now.


Now you know how to watch Tag on Netflix. Currently, it is available on Netflix in a few locations, but you can stream it from anywhere in the world using a VPN. With a VPN, you can easily change your virtual location and access the action movie from your location.

You can also watch tons of other shows and movies on Netflix that are not available in your region using the same method. Enjoy streaming!

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