Is The Upside on Netflix?

is the upside on netflix

Is The Upside on Netflix? Yes! If you want to watch The Upside, you can find it on Netflix in the Philippines. You can access the film from any location on Netflix with a good VPN. 

The Upside is a feel-good movie based on the true story of a wealthy man suffering from quadriplegic who hires an ex-con to take care of him. Both develop an unexpected relationship and become friends.

If you are not able to find the movie on your Netflix, then you have come to the right place, as I will show you how you can watch it from anywhere.

How to Watch The Upside on Netflix [Step-by-Step]

  1. First, download ExpressVPN on your device.
  2. Open the VPN app and sign in.
  3. Connect to a server in the Philippines.
  4. Now, open the Netflix app, and search for the movie.
  5. Start watching!

Why You Need a VPN

Let’s understand why you need to download a VPN to watch The Upside on Netflix. Because of international copyright policies, the movie is available on the streaming site in some countries only. Therefore, you need a VPN to access it.

Netflix has a geo-blocking feature, because of this it can only release content in regions where it has distribution rights. Due to this, the movie is only available on Netflix in the Philippines.

This is where a VPN comes in. You can easily overcome these geo-blocks using a trustworthy and powerful VPN. I have tested various providers, and ExpressVPN ranks as one of the best VPNs for streaming. 

Using ExpressVPN, you can easily watch the drama film on Netflix with a few clicks. It allows you to connect to a VPN server in the Philippines,  giving you access to the Philippines regional library where the movie is streaming.

You can also watch plenty of movies on Netflix like John Wick 3, Blackfish, Wind River, and more.

The Upside (2017)

The Upside is a 2017 American comedy-drama film directed by Neil Burger. It stars Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart, and Nicole Kidman in the lead roles. The movie is actually a remake of the 2011 French film “The Intouchables.”

The film tells the story of an unlikely friendship that develops between two very different men. Philip Lacasse (played by Bryan Cranston) is a wealthy quadriplegic who is looking for a caregiver to assist him with his daily life.

Dell Scott (played by Kevin Hart) is an unemployed ex-convict who stumbles into the job interview thinking it’s just a formality to fulfill his parole requirements. However, against all expectations, Philip hires Dell.

Despite their contrasting backgrounds and lifestyles, Philip and Dell form a deep bond as they navigate the challenges of Philip’s disability and personal struggles.

Dell’s unorthodox and irreverent approach to caregiving helps Philip regain his zest for life, while Philip provides Dell with a sense of purpose and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch The Upside on Netflix?

Yes, if you want to watch The Upside, you will find it on Netflix in the Philippines. With a good VPN, you can stream the movie on the platform from anywhere.

Was The Upside removed from Netflix?

At the moment, Netflix only has streaming rights to The Upside in the Philippines, and if you try to watch the movie from a different location, Netflix will use geo-blocking to prevent your access.

Is The Upside on Hulu?

No, currently you are able to watch The Upside on Netflix and Showtime. It is not available on Hulu.


Now you know how to watch Wind River on Netflix. To watch the movie, you need to be in the Philippines. If not, you can access the movie from anywhere in the world using a VPN. With a VPN, you can easily change your virtual location to the Philippines.

You can also watch tons of other shows and movies on Netflix that are not available in your region using the same method. Enjoy streaming!

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