Is Yu Yu Hakusho on Netflix?

is yu yu hakusho on netflix

Is Yu Yu Hakusho on Netflix? Yes. You can stream Yu Yu Hakusho on Netflix. However, the anime is currently available in a few countries like Japan. You can watch it from anywhere using a VPN. 

Yu Yu Hakusho is a classic Japanese anime series from the early 1990s that follows a teenager named Yusuke. Yusuke is killed while saving a child and as a result, he is given a chance to return back to life as a detective for the Underworld.

If you are an anime fan, you must watch the series. In case you are looking for the anime series on Netflix, the good news is Yu Yu Hakusho is available to watch on the platform, but only in a few locations.

Don’t be upset, as there is an easy trick to unlock the anime from anywhere using a VPN.

Watch Yu Yu Hakusho on Netflix [Step-by-Step]

  1. First, download ExpressVPN on your device.
  2. Open the VPN app and sign in.
  3. Connect to a server in Japan.
  4. Now, open the Netflix app, and search for the anime.
  5. Start watching!

watch yu yu hashuko on netflix

Why You Need a VPN

Let’s understand why you need to download a VPN to watch Yu Yu Hakusho on Netflix. Because of international copyright policies, the movie is available on the streaming site in some countries only. Therefore, you need a VPN to access it.

Netflix has a geo-blocking feature, because of this it can only release content in regions where it has distribution rights. Due to this, the anime series is only available on Netflix in Japan, Germany, and a few other regions.

This is where a VPN comes in. You can easily overcome these geo-blocks using a trustworthy and powerful VPN. I have tested various providers, and ExpressVPN ranks as one of the best VPNs for streaming. 

Using ExpressVPN, you can easily watch the action series on Netflix with a few clicks. It allows you to connect to a VPN server in Japan, giving you access to the Japanese Netflix library where the show is streaming.

You can also watch plenty of anime on Netflix like Food Wars, Akira, Pokemon XY, Banana Fish, and more. 

Yu Yu Hakusho (1995)

Yu Yu Hakusho”= is a popular Japanese anime and manga series created by Yoshihiro Togashi. The anime first aired in 1992 and continued until 1995.

The story revolves around a teenage delinquent named Yusuke Urameshi. Yusuke is not the most well-behaved student; he skips school, gets into fights, and generally has a reputation as a troublemaker.

However, his life takes a drastic turn when he sacrifices himself to save a child from being hit by a car. He dies in the process, but his act of selflessness surprises the Spirit World, the afterlife governing body.

They discover that his death was not planned and that he has a rare quality of spirit energy. Yusuke is given a chance to return to life as a “Spirit Detective” tasked with investigating supernatural occurrences and maintaining the balance between the human world and the spirit world.

He is joined by a variety of companions, including his close friend Kuwabara, a reformed demon thief named Kurama, and a mischievous, wise-cracking demon named Hiei. Together, they take on various missions, including battling evil spirits, demons, and other supernatural threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch all 4 seasons of Yu Yu Hakusho?

Currently, you are able to watch Yu Yu Hakusho streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Funimation. It is also possible to buy the series on Apple TV, Amazon Video, and Microsoft.

Does Netflix have all episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho?

Yes. Netflix Japan is streaming all episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho. You can watch the full anime series on Netflix from anywhere in the world using a VPN.

Is Yu Yu Hakusho on Hulu?

Season 1 and 2 of Yu Yu Hakusho are available to stream on Hulu. You can find all the seasons of the anime series on Netflix.


Now you know how you can watch Yu Yu Hakusho on Netflix. Currently, the anime is available on Netflix in a few locations. You can stream it from anywhere in the world using a VPN. With a VPN, you can easily change your virtual location and access the anime from your location.

You can also watch tons of other shows and movies on Netflix that are not available in your region using the same method. Enjoy streaming!

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